for Workshops with

Mary L. Hackett
600 Country Club Lane
Carterville, IL 62918-1629 USA

Please be aware that your cost will include these items in addition to the quoted fee:

  • Mileage fee for auto trips, according to current IRS allowance, plus tolls and parking.
  • Air travel costs includes round-trip air fare, ground transportation, living accommodations, and meals. Because of current restrictions on luggage, reimbursement of the cost of shipping of quilts, materials, tools, and samples (both ways) may be required. This varies widely and will be discussed thoroughly.
  • Housing with local, non-smoking group member is acceptable. Private room with ready access to a bathroom is requested.
Please mention specific dates in which you are interested. (Which day of month for guild meetings is helpful.)


  • Room that can be darkened for slides
  • Screen or white wall that can be seen from the back of the room
  • Lectern (with microphone, unless room is small) and reading light (very important)
  • Kodak carousel slide projector + extra bulb and slide tray, remote button
  • Tables and quilt stands for display of Mary's quilts and visual aids, sometimes a worker to help display the quilts, a quilt display stand if you have one

At domestic bookings, Mary's book A Bridge to Landscape Quilts will be available at a reduced price, plus two free gifts. A worker to monitor the books is appreciated.

For any other information, and serious booking inquiries, please Email Mary directly.

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