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A Bridge to Landscape Quilts

[copyright MLH 2004]

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It was so much fun to make the quilts in this book!! And it is so much fun to teach the techniques that make up these fabric pictures inspired by nature!!

NOW I'm looking forward to sharing the pure joy of quilting landscapes with all of my friends, guild-mates, and fabric lovers around the world who revel in the beauty of the great outdoors!

With the guidance, tips and step-by-step instructions in this book, you can start with a few patchwork blocks and build a landscape of any terrain you choose. With a little practice, you will learn a new way to "see" your home environment (or the fantasy location of your dreams) so that you can choose the traditional techniques that will bring it to life in fabric. Using materials available in any quilt shop, you will learn how to make the pieces work together.

Do you like to play with fabric? Do you like to look at beautiful pictures? This is the book for you!! Even if you never pick up a needle and thread, you will enjoy the photos and commentary on why and how the quilted landscapes on every page were made.

Take my hand and venture over the Bridge to Landscape Quilts. It's a picture book, a story, an invitation.....to put aside your skepticism and begin thinking about what landscape YOU would like to make. That old barn on your grandparents' property? Sunset on Hawaii? The flower bed in your front yard? The Grand Canyon at dusk?

That sounds ambitious, of course. But the first step to learning how every traditional quilter who wants to, can make wonderful fabric landscapes.....is to come with me and cross over the BRIDGE TO LANDSCAPE QUILTS.

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