One-Day Workshop with

Mary L. Hackett
600 Country Club Lane
Carterville, IL 62918-1629 USA

How to sew beautifully realistic trees,
to use in any way you like!


Kit includes materials needed (except thread) to learn and practice the main techniques shown. If you are new to the skills of sewing with clear thread and/or free-motion sewing with the feed dog dropped, please practice so you can enjoy the day more.

Please bring black cotton thread (lots of it), clear (and/or smoke) monofilament thread, and bobbins filled with both black and neutral gray thread. Also bring 1 or 2 sheets of tracing paper, to copy Mary's tree patterns.

If you are an eager quilter (my kinda gal or guy) you may want to "branch out". If so, these additional items are suggested:


  • Solid black cotton fabric (fat quarter will do)
  • Fabric that reminds you of tree bark (by color, not necessarily print), 1/2 yard
  • Fabric that reminds you of sky (watch the sky: is it always blue?), 1/2 yard
  • Small pieces of leaf-colored fabric
  • Small piece of black nylon netting or tulle
  • Stabilizer (tear-away, freezer paper, deli or typing paper)
  • 1/2 yard cotton batting or fusible polyester batting (fleece)
  • 1/2 yard of a firm fabric for backing
  • Sewing machine in good working order (know how to use it, please!) with ability to drop or cover feed dog, and a walking foot
  • Darning foot, open-toe applique' foot, or spring needle
  • Ultra-Fine Point black Sharpie marker and Fray Check
  • Comfort stuff such as a chair cushion, personal light, extension cord, your own small rotary cutting set, etc. (all optional)
  • Basic sewing kit, including pins, marking tools, safety pins for basting, scissors, etc. You know the drill!
  • Applique' scissors, stiletto or long-handled seam ripper, tweezers
  • Useful but not required: Value finder, reducing glass, small planning board, note-taking supplies, pencils, scissors for paper

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