1 - 2 - 3 CURVES!
Half-Day Workshop with

Mary L. Hackett
600 Country Club Lane
Carterville, IL 62918-1629 USA

Learn to add lovely curves to any patchwork design. In landscapes, introduce organic flow to skies and terrain. In patchwork, curves will add unique movement to your blocks. This easy method sews up in minutes, and any beginner can have success on the first attempt.

This is a technique class in three simple steps. No marking, no templates, no kidding! Students will watch it done, try it themselves, and have time to practice making their own curve-pieced yardage.


  • Several full (selvage to selvage) cuts of fabric, at least 1/4 yards each. Choose soft sky colors for landscape use, or pairs of highly-contrasting colors for making quilt blocks.
    Any fabrics will do, as this is a technique class during which you will practice the method. At home, you may make different choices.
  • Neutral thread or thread to match your colors, and loaded bobbins, and


  • Sewing machine in good working order (know how to use it, please!)
  • Rotary cutter with very sharp blade. 45mm and smaller work best for this project. Bring a large cutting mat if convenient, so that many students can cut at once.
  • 6-inch or larger square lucite ruler
  • Good-quality sewing shears (optional) can work for this method also. I actually prefer them over a rotary cutter.
  • Spray starch
  • Comfort stuff such as a chair cushion, personal light, extension cord, etc. (optional)
  • Basic sewing kit, including pins, etc. You know the drill!



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