for Serious Quilters
Two-Day Workshop with

Mary L. Hackett
600 Country Club Lane
Carterville, IL 62918-1629 USA

To learn all the basic skills needed to translate one's vision, whether inspired by photographs or reality, into a landscape quilt that adequately supports the illusion of nature.


Important Note:
Because much of this material is explained in depth in Mary's book, A Bridge to Landscape Quilts, the book is required for this workshop. You may purchase it on your own, or buy it from Mary before class begins. Also please bring photos from magazines, calendars, etc. or your own snapshots for reference and inspiration, a CD of your favorite music, and


SUPPLIES (you will use these):

  • 9 x 12 or larger typing or drawing paper, HB (soft lead) pencil, eraser, Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent black marker, glue stick
  • 1 yard of a fusible web, plus a package of Steam-A-Seam 2
  • Freezer paper
  • Quarter yards or more of fabrics suggesting natural textures (not novelty prints)
  • Wide range of fabrics in earth and sky colors; solids, hand-dyes, batiks, or small prints. Plan to share!
  • 1 yard thin cotton-content batting (Warm & Natural, needle-punch, or your favorite)
  • Neutral and/or matching threads; embroidery thread or embellishments if you like
  • Clear thread (practice using this if necessary!)
  • 2 or wider masking tape
  • Spray starch and small paintbrush
  • Fray Check, and


  • Zigzag sewing machine with ability to drop or cover feed dog
  • Whatever foot your machine needs for free-motion sewing (practice before class)
  • Walking foot, general purpose feet, and a selection of machine needles 70/10-90/14
  • Extension cord, personal light, personal iron (optional but recommended)
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler (all small size)
  • Small scissors, seam ripper, marking and sewing supplies, and scissors for paper
  • Note-taking supplies, ruler, pencils, colored pencils or crayons, and

Useful but not required: Teflon pressing sheet, value finder, reducing glass, stiletto, tweezers, Polaroid or digital camera, chair cushion

2008 MLH

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