Classic & Contemporary Scrap Techniques
One-Day Workshop with

Mary L. Hackett
600 Country Club Lane
Carterville, IL 62918-1629 USA

What ARE Shards?

I call fabric scraps "Shards" because they're fractured bits of something beautiful! If you, like me, can't bear to toss out scraps indiscriminately, you may enjoy a day with me, trying out a variety of ways to put these bits and pieces to work. Some of the methods shown are time-tested and some are brand-new, but all of them will help you recycle your shards into charming, scrappy quilts, to keep or give away. We'll have a few slides, quilts to look at and handle, and handouts to take home. Dive in and sew up a storm, or watch others and mull over ideas. Either way, it's FUN!

Oh, boy, let's quilt!


  • Any amount of scraps you like, cut any size, any color - strips, bits of leftover patchwork, ready-cut patches - just bag ém up & bring ém! Several techniques shown use STRIPS, so if you don't have many, bring a few fat quarters to cut up or trade.
    You may want to keep your favorite scraps for yourself,
    but have some scraps available to swap with other students.
  • About half a yard of your favorite color solid fabric, to prodvide a "rest" for the eye from the rainbow of scraps
  • Neutral thread and loaded bobbins; also colored thread and/or mono-filament thread
  • A few sheets of typing paper, freezer paper, deli or tracing paper
  • A chunk of fusible batting, such as HTC Fusible Fleece, perhaps 8x10" or so, and

  • Sewing machine in good working order (please know how to use it!)
  • Extra sewing machine needles
  • 6-inch square Lucite ruler, 12-inch Lucite or regular ruler
  • Comfort stuff such as a chair cushion, personal light, extension cord, etc. (optional)
  • The room may have a cutting and pressing center, but you could bring your own mat, cutter, and iron for convenience - you decide!
  • Basic sewing kit, including pins, marking tools, scissors, etc. You know the drill!
  • Note-taking supplies, pencils, scissors for paper
  • Optional: the pattern for your favorite quilt block, and

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