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Everyone, whether aware of it or not, relies on his or her inherent creative impulses to solve the problems of everyday life. I hope to show students that the very same characteristics which make them able to progress through their lives in a competent fashion, can be focused on quilting as a satisfying personal expression!

Beyond teaching the specific topic or technique at hand, I want to help students put that information to work! My classes may be more intense, involved, and intellectually demanding than others you have attended. I want people to be able to recognize inspiration when they feel it, and to translate that inspiration to a form that will give them satisfaction and pleasure. Solid sewing skills can be the vehicle to build confidence to try anything that occurs to you! Letís learn not to fear our creative freedom, but to enjoy it!

To that end, I coach my students to:

  1. Accept novel ideas as they occur, not reject them out of hand;
  2. Nurture those ideas by daydreaming about them and allowing them to grow; and
  3. Develop the skills to turn inspiration into a physical product.

A crack in oneís reluctance, an opening in oneís armor of skepticism, can be widened to allow a shaft of light to shine on a personís pent-up desire to create....

And from that beginning, I have seen joy grow and enthusiasm blossom.

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope." - Martin Luther

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