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Student comments:
"Loved every minute of it!" "You made it understandable...Excellent teacher!"

"Much more information than I expected." "I can't wait to get home and do more!"
"This should have been taped!"

"I wish I could do another day with you."
"...just wonderful!"

--->COMING SOON! New class, "CHEX, an Optical Illusion"<---

  • NEW class!!! by request... MAKING YOUR OWN PATTERNS, 6 hours
    Link to Supply List

    Lantern developed from photo of garden statuary
    Machine applique' using my own Easy-do pattern - you can learn how!

    In the morning, I will show you how I make patterns for applique' (hand or machine, you decide!) from ordinary snapshots. Any feature you choose can now become the focus of an applique' piece, or applied as a component of a fabric landscape. Now, a doorway, birdbath, or animal can easily be added to any quilt you choose to make!

    In the afternoon, we can begin using the pattern we make, analyzing how best to assemble your unique applique' design. I will share with you my tips and tricks for handwork and machine applique' - so no one is left out of the fun!


    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    "Through the Trees", sans border
    Project quilt from A Bridge to Landscape Quilts

    "good information..."
    "not a dominant teacher but a teaching friend"

  • THE BRIDGE TO LANDSCAPE QUILTS, 6 hours (quickie) or 2 days (recommended)
    Class evolves as you give me feedback about your comfort level on approaching landscapes

    Link to Supply List

    Link to TWO-DAY Supply List

    Stunning landscapes can be made using only the traditional quilting techniques you already know....honest! This is a guided tour of the first project in Mary's book (see "Through the Trees", above). Cross over the bridge with us, and see how simple it can be to make a charming landscape quilt.

    The workshop starts with examples of ways to make a lovely patchwork version of the natural sky. We will examine what visual cues help our minds to absorb the reality of our surroundings. Students will use their patchwork sky (or a whole-cloth sky, your choice) and learn to inset trees and make sloping contours of land to produce the illusion of a woodsy scene.
    Slide show, quilts to handle, demonstrations.

    In the 2-day version, we do an in-depth study of the patchwork possibilities for sky and other natural features; use a wider range of sewing techniques to produce the land contours; and learn the WOW Factors that can make your landscape quilt memorable.

    ~Adventurous Quilters at all levels*~

    >>>Link to: "Understanding Landscape Basics", a helpful mini-tutorial<<<

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]
    "Sunrise at Stone Bridge", left, John A. Logan College Galleries. These (right, above) are simple landscapes YOU can do----learn how in just one day!

  • BEGINNING LANDSCAPE, 6 hours (or 2 days, by request of eager students!)

    "She makes it fun and non-scary"

    Let's talk here. This class is a starting place for quilters with at least a passing familiarity with applique' techniques, handling various fabics, and fusible products on the market. The "beginner" designation here refers to a quilter who is new to the genre of landscapes, not to quilting in general. See samples above.
    Link to Supply List

    Using simple sewing machine techniques, all students will compose the same small fabric picture (see samples above, right) and practice the skills to assemble it. Patterns given for several alternative landscape scenes for you to practice at home! Slides, trunk show, discussion of fabric shopping for landscapes.
    See Patchwork Borders half-day workshop for a terrific follow-up!

    ~Quilters with general sewing skills*~

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]
    "Once and Future HOME"
    First Place, Theme, River Heritage Quilt Guild show

  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN for Serious Quilters, 2 days
    Link to Supply List

    This is an intense class with a lot of learning to do, because in order to make landscapes, we must observe nature accurately, and choose fabrics and techniques that duplicate what we see! From composition to a completed top, these 2 days will include all the information you need to translate a favorite photograph, a magazine picture, or your fantasy location, into your very own landscape. The days will be jam-packed with information delivered in slides, photos, demonstrations, lectures, and individual consultation, so come ready to learn! How much actual sewing occurs, will depend entirely on the individual student.

    A Bridge to Landscape Quilts required; bring your own copy or purchase in class.

    ~Intermediate to Advanced*~

    Link to Supply List

    In memory of Mickey, who took this picture
    of Meriam, Mary & Arline

    Fun with tree techniques at Illinois Artisans Shop at Rend Lake

    This workshop combines the half-day topics of "Can't See the Forest for the Trees" and "Naked Trees" (see link to "Half-Day Workshops"). This is a technique class, not a project class. I will demonstrate, and you will practice, each tree-making method. You may finish a usable block with each method, but the goal here is to become aware of these techniques so you will have a full bag of tricks for creating any type of tree or shrub you like. With surprisingly life-like trees, your landscape pictures will sparkle!

    Required kit includes everything (except thread) needed to practice the main techniques. Slide show, picture book, quilts and garments to handle.

    ~Adventurous Quilters at all levels*~

    Casual Construction
    A minimum of rules and a maximum of fun!

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    "It's a Keeper!"
    Florida seashell collection, with detail

  • IT'S A KEEPER!, 6 hours (overview) or 2 days

    Use open-weave and transparent fabrics to "trap" keepsakes, treasured collections, colorful embellishments, or found objects in your quilt. Actually suspended within the layers of the quilt, the items are unharmed and even removable. Students will bring the pattern, fabrics, and collections they wish to put together. We will discuss in class the methods for trapping and embellishment which are appropriate to the specific collections, some of which affect the construction of the quilt. Demonstrations of my methods, and opportunities for students to practice them. Students may have time to start assembling their own "Keeper" quilt in class, depending on too many variables to mention. This is a unique, original effect you may never have seen before, and well worth the effort.


    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]
    "Shards #3: I Still Dream in Color", on left
    (One example of MANY Shards techniques)
    International Quilt Festival Spring Show, Rosemont, IL
    Foundation pieced on copy paper, 33 colors of quilting thread, gold-painted stars,
    sashing in a variety of black, polished-finish, and batik fabrics
    Quilt on right is "Everything is Black and White" by MLH

  • SHARDS or, Piecing by the Seat of Your Pants!, 6 hours
    Classic & Contemporary Scrap Techniques
    Link to Supply List
    "Just fun and not demanding"

    I call fabric scraps "Shards" because they're fractured bits of something beautiful. I usually figure out a way to use even small scraps, odd strips, even "uglies"! Some of the methods shown are time-tested and some are brand-new, but scraps are familiar to everyone who quilts! See and practice intuitive ways to use your scraps to make colorful, expressive, and satisfying quilts that are one-of-a-kind and EASY! Learn how to clear out the clutter and make quick and wonderful quilts! How much sewing is accomplished in this class depends on your enthusiasm and determination. You choose: sew up a storm, or circulate and pick the brains of others as we all try out the techniques. Swap scraps with other students and add zip to your stash!

    This one can be a hoot if you let loose and enjoy it!

    ~All levels*~

    You will never see Log Cabin blocks in quite the same way again!
    Link to Supply List

    'Spontaneous Log Cabin' Blocks
    Clockwise from upper left:
    Lazy Log Cabin, The Log Cabin that Jack Built, Crumbling Courthouse Steps, Scrap Bag Log Cabin

    Do Log Cabin blocks seem boring to you? I used to think so, until I developed this technique for my "Fear of the Dark" (MAQS collection) series and commissioned pieces. Just as with a traditional Log Cabin, you can maintain the light/dark balance for a familiar block setting. Or, as I did in the Pick-Up Stix quilt (see below), you can produce a random, scrappy look. In class, we will machine-sew simple strips in assembly-line fashion, but with a twist. Then we will move quickly to a level of flexibility that will amaze you! Finish enough blocks for a small wallhanging in one day, then decide for yourself how far you want to take this wonderful feeling of freedom! You are the designer!

    ~Beginner to Advanced, set your own pace*~

    "Pick-Up Stix"
    Second Place, Theme, River Heritage Quilt Guild Show


    [Check back for sample photo]

    In the morning, we will learn to machine-piece a background for applique' that uses sewing techniques you already know but have likely never thought of using for this purpose. Light-colored fabrics (even scraps!) make a lovely background for florals or romantic applique' subjects. Dark fabrics combine to make an exciting contrast for applique' in bright colors or white.

    In the afternoon, I will share my tips and tricks for invisible hand applique' and also machine applique', so no one will be left out of the fun!



    Broderie perse has long been used in antique and reproduction quilts. Now you can learn modern ways to put it to use! We will discuss the limits of different commercial prints for this purpose, various broderie perse applique' methods, and how to start your own fantasy bouquet, garden view, or seasonal decoration. The fabric picture you compose in class will be limited only by the range of printed flowers, foliage, birds and animals that you bring with you or trade with other students. Demonstrations, handout, picture book.

    ~All levels*~

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required] [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    Romantic, versatile Broderie Perse
    Left: "Century 21 Flower Compote"; Right: "Peek into the Empress' Garden"

  • DO IT YOUR WAY: Fabric Collage for the Fun of It!, 6 hours

    The technique known as collage can produce a painterly effect, but is largely unknown to the traditional quilter. Exactly how would "collage" apply to quilts that you want to make? Is it only for wallhangings, or can you make a durable piece that can be used and washed? This workshop will answer those questions and may start you on a new relationship with fabric! DON'T SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE unless you really want to explore the limits of quilting! You will either be tearing up fabric, or tearing out your hair....'cause we are going to be doing fabric collage!
    Demonstrations, quilts to handle, portfolio.

    ~Adventurous Quilters at all levels*~

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    "Hiding Behind Red"
    Quilted collage, Private Collection

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    "Proof Thro' the Night", Detail

  • THE QUILTED HOUSE, 2 or 3 days

    [Copyrighted!  Written permission required!]

    "Pierre Menard Home"
    White House Permanent Collection

    Make your own miniature house as a decoration, keepsake, or box for special treasures. These are the techniques I used to create a 4x7 model of historic Pierre Menard Home for the White House Christmas tree. In addition to quilting, we will be cutting, fusing, glueing, clamping, and brainstorming other "home construction" methods - whatever it takes to transform a small box into a little quilted house. Then we will add realistic details that fool the eye! This is MORE FUN than a grown-up should be allowed to have!

    In the three-day version we will learn the basics to make any building from foam-core so that you may duplicate your own home or a fantasy house. Slides, White House scrapbook, handout chock-full of ideas!

    ~Adverturous Quilters at all levels*~

    *NOTE ON "Skill Levels" ---- The techniques I teach are NOT difficult, or I wouldn't be interested in doing them!
    • All processes are presented step-by-step. Class requirements should be within the ability of any person who is familiar with their sewing machine and with basic sewing and quilting maneuvers.
    • You will receive all the information you need and more, but how much sewing is accomplished is up to the individual student.
    • I hope you will be intrigued, even excited, and motivated to apply your sewing skills in a new way.

      Are you open to something new?

    • Coming soon: More pictures, more classes, more fun sure to visit us again!

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