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"Illinois State Capitol c. 1934"
Note patchwork skies, shadows, trees---all techniques available in Mary's landscape classes!

are defined by the limited time available.
May include in-depth study of a specific technique, an overview of options,
handouts, and sources of inspiration.
Usual activities: class discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on practice.
Also samples, quilts to handle, and slides as may be appropriate.

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Student comments:

"I never looked at a tree like I did now. Thank you."
"...a very inspiring woman"
"very well prepared"
the best thing was "to be free and encouraged"

  • New! UNDER A PATCHWORK SKY, 3 hours

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    "UPS #1"
    Use very pale fabrics for successful skies!

    Begin your landscape with a gorgeous sky made of marvelous patchwork! Slide show, photos, and demonstrations will show you how to translate the natural sky into block patterns or free-form piecing techniques. Tips on choosing fabrics and patterns that support the illusion of a natural sky in all its glory. Bring scraps and swap with me and other students, to get a wonderful mix of "sky-like" fabrics. We will not have time to sew, but you will know how to put a realistic sky together when you get home! How-to handout.

    ~All Levels~

  • New! 1-2-3 CURVES!, 3 hours
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    [1-2-3 CURVES! class sample © 2006]"Purple Fun"[1-2-3-CURVES! class sample © 2006]Wavy 'checkerborders'

    Add lovely curves to any patchwork design! In landscapes, introduce organic flow to skies and terrain. In patchwork, curves will add unique movement to your blocks. Easy method sews up in minutes, and any beginner can have success on the first attempt. This is a technique class in three simple steps! No marking, no templates, no kidding! Students will watch it done, try it themselves, and have time to practice making their own curve-pieced yardage. (See skies in "IL State Capitol", top of page)

    ~All Levels~

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    "Once and Future HOME"
    with custom Patchwork Borders


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    A stand-alone class or exciting follow-up to landscape classes. Incredibly simple method to use scraps from your quilt (and others) to put together a custom border for any sort of quilt! Slides and trunk show of examples, supportive class handout. We will use your scraps (and mine) to discuss the possibilities. Bring your own quilt top if you want group input on making a border for it that will sing! Some sewing if we have time. Simple, fun, and absolutely non-scary!

    ~All levels~


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    Presented at 2004 AQS Expo in Nashville!

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    Practice piece in progress,
    'Can't See the Forest for the Trees' Workshop

    You will make trees that are so realistic people will think you photographed or painted them! Slides, photos, and sample quilts showing the technique. With 2-5 fabrics, you will work on a small quilt in class, and learn how to finish it at home. Students need to get comfortable with sewing clear nylon thread, and have a machine fitted with a walking foot. Kit required. Truly a thrilling success story for the adventurous quilter.
    ~All levels~

  • NAKED TREES, 3 hours

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    "Lone Oak"
    A "naked tree"

    Happy quilters in The Netherlands

    Foliage is good, but how can we sew winter-time trees? It's so easy and fun that you may find yourself looking for excuses to make these. Slides, photos, and examples of Mary's tree quilts. In class we will begin a beautiful tree block suitable for a pillow top, medallion quilt, or Baltimore Album. You can finish it at home with as much detail as you decide is appropriate. Bring a photo of your favorite tree, and we will finish up with demonstrations of easy techniques to make the "fully dressed" variety...surprisingly life-like! Students need to have a machine and foot capable of free-motion sewing, and be willing to practice what they learn. Kit required.

    ~For all adventurous quilters~


    How-to's for a different finished edge on your quilt. Some techniques are quicker than a double-fold bias binding applied the standard way (which we will not be demonstrating in class), some are not. But all these options will give you ideas for an edge that you may want to try on a future quilt. Bring your own sample "sandwiches" if you would like to try any of the techniques in class, but there may not be time! This is a lecture/demo class to see, learn, discuss, and take notes. Slide show, demos, trunk show, hand-out.

    ~All levels~

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    Clockwise from upper left: "wrapped with scraps",
    faced, raw-edge with contrasting backing, "birthed"


    "Wow! Wonderful presentation..." "Loved your slides!"
    "I can't express how much our guild enjoyed you."

    "Your talk...really hit home in our crowd."
    "It really was so much more than expected."

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    "Focus on Females"
    Private Collection, Paducah, KY

  • QUILTING BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS (The Lecture), 1 hour

    Slide show with a humorous and informative look at the easy, spontaneous techniques I use in my work, and how they came about. Thoughts on inspiration, design, sewing, life experiences, and family. Appreciation of the value of quilting in our lives, with attitude! Photos and quilts available before and after.


    An invitation to make an ornament for the White House Christmas tree sparked an odyssey into history, miniature-building, and post-911 Washington DC. See how an historic Illinois home was re-created in 3-dimensional quilted fabric. Slide show, samples and landscape quilts.


    For those venues within driving distance, this is a 'trunk show' of 40 or more quilts in Mary's personal collection. They range from her first effort at quilting (a Grandmother's Flower Garden) to a 100+ year old Churn Dash. Hear the entertaining stories of feed sack, embroidered, baby, and novelty quilts, all shown hands-on for as long as you would like to look at them!

  • COMING EVENTUALLY (stay tuned, LOL!)

    PowerPoint presentation of Mary's fabulous visit to The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Poland. See photos of dozens of quilts presented in ancient churches and other historic venues!
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See the Menard Home ornament for the White House
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