[Pierre Menard Home, The White House]Pierre Menard Home Quilted Fiber ornament for The White Houseby Mary L. Hackett © MLH 2001



Quote from HG-TV website, www.hgtv.com:

"Home & Garden TV White House Christmas 2001

"HGTV's cameras will be inside the White House when dozens of decorators and volunteers descend upon the State Dining Room, the Blue Room and many other famous rooms to transform the people's house into a beautiful holiday show home. Host Kitty Bartholomew, the First Lady's social secretary and the White House pastry chef will take viewers on a behind-the- scenes tour of how it all comes together. American artists and craftspeople also will provide a detailed look at the ornaments and decorations they create specifically for The White House Christmas.

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"This program will feature a segment on fiber artist Mary L. Hackett, her choice of the Pierre Menard Home as her subject, and the construction process she used in making her ornament for the White House tree."

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