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  • What is your quilting/teaching experience?

    Like many women my age, I learned embroidery and crocheting as a child, and garment construction as a teenager. My grandmother was a quilter, but what I learned from her was more a life philosophy: self-reliance, tenacity, high standards and ideals. Sadly, I was not interested in quilting until after she had passed away. But I think she would have liked what I am doing now!

    As the mother of three boys, I put aside my sewing machine when the children outgrew hand-made overalls. Instead, we did hands-on projects on the kitchen table and all of the boys acted on our mutual love of art in one form or another. The oldest is an artist designing video games California, the middle son is a cartoonist, and the youngest plays keyboard and guitar, writes, and is a professional website designer.

    I attended a few art classes before the boys were born, and helped out as a teacher's assistant when they were in school. I was a La Leche League Leader for 10 years, helping breastfeeding mothers. I was a Cub Scout Den Leader, taught summer art camps for children, and for two years taught K-8 art at a private school. I have taught quilting technique classes at a local quilt shop and community college, and I have spoken to art groups, youth groups and Elderhostel groups on quilting topics. I travel to give workshops and slide presentations for quilt guilds and have spoken at national quilting events. I do demonstrations of quilting techniques for the Museum of the American Quilters Society in Paducah, KY, and the Southern Illinois Art Gallery at Rend Lake, Whittington, IL, and write an occasional magazine article. You can find out more by checking my resume.

  • Why have I never heard of you?

    My current book addresses a narrow interest within quilting, landscape art. I will never win a Master Quilter's Award, and I do not promote myself at quilt shows as a pattern publisher, fabric designer or inventor of a time-saving quilting tool. I've been sewing away in my basement for 25 years: making quilts between family crises, finding solace and inspiration in the process of quilting, and putting fabric together in any way that pleases me.

    I don't have a publicist, agent or webmaster (gee, any of that would be great!) and I seldom have had the luxury of following through on opportunities that crop up. But I have been experiencing small successes along the way, and percolating some ideas for branching out for some time now.

  • So why am I hearing from you now?

    "The time has come," said the walrus.....

    All of the children are out on their own. I get requests from one source or another to do a workshop, a lecture, a demo or a book-signing. I decided it's time to stop doing this halfway, to go ahead and register with some of the online resource lists and show managers, and see what happens.

    There is certainly no shortage of quilting magazines, books, or teachers. I cannot compete with large corporations or slick presentations of a "formula" way of making quilts faster, and I do not claim to have invented anything.

    I have been told, however, that my enthusiasm is contagious, that my techniques are easy to understand and duplicate, that my results are stunning, and that my encouragement has led others to get a lot more satisfaction out of the time they spend creating with fabric.

    Any more questions?

    I have one for YOU:

  • Want to give me a try?

    You will get good value for your group's money, and my schedule is flexible! Contact me to book a solid teacher who will give your students a renewed sense of fun in their quilting. Let me help you loosen up and DO IT YOUR WAY!
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