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Pierre Menard Home
Quilted Ornament for the White House

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[Proof Thro' the Night]"Proof Thro' the Night"
is my first expression of feelings in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Raw edges and stained fabrics speak for themselves, while photo-copied and computer-generated
text speaks for me!


Viewer comments from past exhibits:

"Deeply affecting." "One of the most moving pieces I've ever seen!"
"Love your work!"

"I can't tell you how your work speaks to me."

"...just wonderful!"

If anyone is listening "out there", I'm going to let down my guard and reveal what my work means to me. This, of course, is optional, and you may want to advance without the bother of reading it.

Ever since I was a toddler whose grandmother boasted that "you should see how she can draw!", I have been expressing myself in one form of artwork or another. As I get older, I find that my muse [or Good Orderly Direction] allows the flow to just increase! Rather than running dry, I see inspiration in every aspect of everyday life, in every relationship, in every glimpse of nature. I am a blessed person.

Of course, each of us puts some of ourself into everything we do. As a young person, we may search for our own personal style, or mission, or voice. It is only when we have logged enough years to begin to see the big picture, that we realize that we are born with that style and that voice, and that our only mission is to discover our purpose and strive to fulfill it.

When doing independent work, there are no limits to the techniques or materials I will try. Having a piece in progress gives me a channel for my energy, a place to focus. Having no business fretting over those things which I cannot control, I strive instead to employ the gifts that were given me to produce something which carries human experience into the future as far as textiles can survive.

When producing a work on commission, I immerse myself in the vision and desires of my client, and focus the lens of my abilities on a result that will reflect their preferences while carrying the unmistakable stamp of what the work is, mine. You are invited to view the work on this page through my eyes.

[Marital Evolution]

Marital Evolution
Private Collection, Carbondale, IL

  • Marital Evolution is a comment on marriage. Working from the traditional "double wedding ring" quilt pattern which was on my grandmother's bed, I was inspired to explore the various stages of interaction which married couples commonly experience during the course of their union. On the upper left, pink satin, quilted doves, hand-dyed silk and white lace represent the first stage, romance.

    The lower left quadrant includes images of conflict, which inevitably enter a relationship during day-to-day living: disagreements, children, worry. In the lower right, these concerns are seen to evolve into alignment, where the couple chooses negotiation and unity over conflict.

    The upper right portion of the piece I call contentment. As the hills and valleys of life can be seen as opportunities for growth, so we can become deeply satisfied with the union as a whole, moving into and out of the various "moods" of our relationship as we travel through life. Marriage can evolve into the comfortable, secure relationship we crave when the parties are committed to mutual satisfaction and refreshing renewal.

    Another comment on marriage can be seen by linking to Gallery 3.

[Once and Future HOME]
Once and Future HOME
Widely exhibited, Blue Ribbon

  • This piece is a fairly straightforward representation of -duh- my home. But it is also the place where my first husband of 28 years and I spent the last eight years of his life living, loving, and raising our three sons. I still live here, and here is where I do my work. Through the grace of God, I have gone on to love again and enjoy life again....sadder some days, but wiser every day, and more willing to learn and grow from the lessons life has to offer.
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